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just a dream.

I can taste your lips. The feeling i long for is when you run your finger tips up and down my bare back in the sunrise. and as a tear slowly starts to drip down my cheek, i remember, you are so close to my heart, yet so ar away. I can almost touch you but im so far from reaching you. and it pains me to think that there’s a possibility that i don’t cross your mind anymore, or if i do its in a bad way. I long for you to kiss me and tell me you love me. I miss hearing those soft words flow out of your beautiful mouth. And that smile of yours. It lights up your whole face and i can tell that when you smile at me its real. I just wish that you could smile at me one last time. I bring my hand up to my lips and remember the last time you kissed me was in my dreams, but it felt so real. I woke up smiling but remember that it was just a dream…

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